Policies and Fees

I typically see clients for 50 minute sessions. The fee for the first psychology session, an evaluative interview, is $160. The fee for subsequent individual psychology sessions is $140. Occasionally, we may meet for a longer session, or we may bring in a family member to assist in the individual therapy.

If after the first session(s) we determine that I am not the best fit for you, I will help you with finding a referral.

I am an out-of-network psychologist for all insurance companies except Medicare. Depending on your particular insurance policy, you may or may not have out-of-network benefits. I advise you to check with your insurance company to determine if your policy covers out-of-network providers. You may need to meet a deductible and to provide a copay at the time of service.

I am willing, for some insurances, to submit claims on your behalf and accept payment directly from the insurance company. For other insurances, I ask to be paid directly and provide receipts for you to submit to receive reimbursement. Often, it is only after billing the insurance company and receiving an Explanation of Benefits that you or I can determine exactly what amounts apply to your plan. You are responsible for knowing the benefits of your policy, and, if for some reason insurance does not pay, you are responsible for the cost of your care.

Please mention to me if you are an employee of the University of Maryland Baltimore, as I have a contract to provide in-network psychological care with the Maryland Faculty Group Practice.


For additional information about my policies and procedures, and for a discussion of some other important aspects of therapy, such as informed consent and confidentiality, please see the downloadable the Policies and Procedures/Informed Consent form. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that arise.